Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalps // 活力重塑急救精華 - 敏感性頭皮
Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalps // 活力重塑急救精華 - 敏感性頭皮

Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalps // 活力重塑急救精華 - 敏感性頭皮

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evitalising treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. Alcohol free.
Stimulate your scalp and densify the structure of your hair with the OWAY Hair Loss ritual.

It carries out an energising action on the piliferous bulb and increases hair strength and resistance. It favours microcirculation in the scalp and it lightly moisturizes the skin, improving the comfort of the most sensitive types of skin.


How to use the product
After cleansing, apply the product to the scalp. Leave in for a few minutes massaging. Dry. Shake before use.

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Mint - Mint has a refreshing and revitalizing effect on micro-circulation, providing instant relief and comfort for the skin.
Organic Horse Chestnut - It improves the micro-circulation of blood vessels and encouraging the hair bulb to revitalize and strengthen.
Dynagen - An active ingredient derived from Yeast, Dynagen adds strength and nourishment to the hair.
This action takes place in the anagen phase, the active moment of hair growth, in which the growing hair fiber penetrates the inner root. Through the dynamization of proteins, Dynagen stimulates the formation of new levels of keratin and collagen in the hair.
Hairspa Complex - The synergy of Lactilol and Xylitol favours the immediate moisturizing of the sensitised scalp, giving comfort and relief with a long-lasting action. It regulates the desquamation process and strengthens the skin barrier. It restores the scalp ecosystem, favouring the growth of healthy microflora to the detriment of pathogenic germs. HAIRSPA moisturizes the scalp in an immediate and longlasting manner, regulates the desquamation process and strengthens the skin barrier.
Green Coffee - Rich in substances with a powerful biochemical action such as polyphenols, tannins and caffeine, it has a stimulating effect on the cellular metabolism. It is also very rich in chlorogenic acid, which has an efficient antioxidant and protective action. Among natural substances, it is one of the most powerful inhibitors of 5-a reductase, the sebum production process which often gives rise to bulb obstruction and hair thinning.
Ethical Teak - It strengthens hair structure. Antibacterial properties.
Ethical Mahogany - Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energizing for the hair.
生物動力薄荷精油 — 薄荷能為頭皮注入舒爽活力,促進微循環,帶來即時舒緩功效。
有機七葉樹萃取物 — 改善血管微循環,為髮根注入活力,強健髮絲。
髮根強韌因子 — 源自酵母的活性成分,能滋養並強健髮絲。
秀髮水療複合物 — 乳糖醇與木糖醇雙管齊下,可瞬間為敏感頭皮保濕,發揮持久舒緩功效。複合物有助調節脫屑過程,鞏固皮膚屏障;修復頭皮生態,促進對抗致病細菌的健康菌群生長。秀髮水療複合物可為頭皮帶來即時及持久的保濕功效,調理脫屑過程並鞏固皮膚屏障。
綠色咖啡 — 蘊含多種強效生物化學物質,包括多酚、單寧和咖啡因,可刺激細胞新陳代謝。綠色咖啡並含有豐富的強效抗氧化物綠原酸,能發揮保護作用。在各種天然物質之中,綠色咖啡是效力最強的5-a還原酶(多在皮脂產生過程中引致毛囊堵塞和脫髮問題)抑制劑。
人道採購柚木萃取物 — 鞏固秀髮結構,並具有抗菌功效。
人道採購桃花心木萃取物 — 抗菌消毒,緊緻頭部皮膚,為髮絲注入活力。

Does not contain
NICKEL TESTED - OW performs a specific test on every production lot of this product that makes it possible to monitor production progress and any traces of nickel that may induce allergy.

SLS & SLES (化學起泡劑) / PARABENS (防腐劑) / SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE (合成香料) / ARTIFICIAL COLORANTS (人造色素) / PETROLATUM (石油添加劑) / PEG, PG & BBG (乳化劑) / PHTHALATES (塑化劑) / EDTA (安定劑) / GMOs (基因改造) / ANIMAL TESTING (動物測試)

通過鎳測試 — OW為本產品每個生產批次進行指定測試,以更全面監控生產程序,確保產品不含可引致敏感的鎳。

10 x 5ml - 100 ml