Verso // 抗靜電鋁梳 (金色)

Verso // 抗靜電鋁梳 (金色)

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100% aluminium comb.

Precious satin gold 100% aluminium comb. Antistatic, light and finely crafted. Designed to disentangle and tame hair without breaking or stressing strands. Also ideal for beards.

Ensures perfect gliding on hair strands. Its size makes it ideal for everyday use and traveling. It is made of aluminium, 100% recyclable and infinitely reusable.

珍貴的緞面金100%鋁梳。抗靜電性,輕巧精緻。 旨在解開和馴服頭髮沒有斷裂或壓力股。 也適合鬍鬚。

確保髮絲完美滑動。 它的大小使其成為日常使用和旅行的理想選擇。 它是由鋁,100%可回收,無限可重複使用。

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