The tireless // 舒懷
The tireless // 舒懷
The tireless // 舒懷

The tireless // 舒懷

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Inside Scrigno: Frequent use hair & scalp bath 240 ml + Frequent use conditioner 240 ml + Remedy hand balm 50 ml.

+ Color protection hair bath 50ml + Color protection hair mask 50ml  + Tratto 30ml + Velluto (Lip Balm) 10ml

    A selection of products perfect for those who are always active, for enthusiasts who are passionate about life. For those who cultivate their talents and are aware of having a destiny to full. To those who believe that every minute has value, so they ll each and every one of the sixty seconds with sense.


    SCRIGNO. A gift within a gift. A classic with a retro twist - a metal box reinvented with OWAY's purity of form and minimalist design.

    An eclectic and versatile container to hold objects - whether everyday or something more special, or organize what we always manage to mislay somewhere in the home, or as a casket box for photos and precious memories.

    In satin black, SCRIGNO blends into any surroundings with re nement and discretion. 100% metal, it is in nitely reusable and recyclable.

    Size: 21,5 x 23 x 8 cm