The accomplice // 閃耀
The accomplice // 閃耀
The accomplice // 閃耀

The accomplice // 閃耀

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Inside Scrigno: Moisturizing hair bath 240 ml + Moisturizing hair mask 150 ml + Glossy nectar 50 ml.

+ Color protection hair bath 50ml + Color protection hair mask 50ml + Velluto (Lip Balm) 10ml + Remedy had balm 50ml

A hair product kit dedicated to those who are always by our side. To those who take care of us patiently and lovingly. To those who know and nourish our most beautiful part and know how to bring it out and make it shine. To those who are there for us and deserve special attention.


SCRIGNO. A gift within a gift. A classic with a retro twist - a metal box reinvented with OWAY's purity of form and minimalist design.

An eclectic and versatile container to hold objects - whether everyday or something more special, or organize what we always manage to mislay somewhere in the home, or as a casket box for photos and precious memories.

In satin black, SCRIGNO blendsinto any surroundings with re nement and discretion. 100% metal, it is in nitely reusable and recyclable.

Size: 21,5 x 23 x 8 cm