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Neutralising and fortifying fluid for all hair types.

Fixes the new form, promoting the reconstruction of sulphur bridges;
Stabilizes waves, allowing them lasting over time;
Yields elastic, defined and voluminous waves;
Thanks to its botanical active ingredients, it improves hair elasticity leaving it soft and silky;
Even waves, from roots to ends;
Re-balances hair pH.

How to use the product
When the OWAVE 1A/1B application time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for at least 5 minutes before proceeding with the application of OWAVE 2.

After 5 minutes towel dry throughly and apply OWAVE 2 NEUTRALISING AND FORTIFYING FLUID, leaving it in for 7/8 minutes without unrolling the rollers.

Unroll the rollers without pulling the hair and reapply OWAVE 2, leaving it in for another 3 minutes.

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Helichrysum Hydrolat: Helichrysum is a natural, emollient and protective active ingredient that helps hair stay hydrated and retain nutrition during the waving treatment.

Ethical Chia and Flax Extracts: An active ingredient with the powerful combination of Polysaccharides obtained from Flax and Chia. • Thanks to its bio-adhesive properties, this complex adheres to hair fibre, wrapping hair in a film that yields long-lasting elastic curls.

Organic Blackthorn Extract: Blackthorn optimally regenerates and strengthens skin and hair. • It yields elasticity and moisture. • It adds strength and elasticity to hair during the OWAVE waving treatment.

Cysteamine: Without Thioglycolic Acid and Free Ammonia, OWAVE has a non-aggressive formula based on Cysteamine. • An aminoacid derivative related to Keratin naturally present in hair, Cysteamine is a reducing agent that respects hair health. It changes your hair shape by acting on sulphur bridges and modifying hair fibre.

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