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Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser // 草本療法深層潔淨髮泥
Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser // 草本療法深層潔淨髮泥

Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser // 草本療法深層潔淨髮泥

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100% natural purifying and cleansing peeling

Gently and effectively cleanses hair and scalp without using chemical agents. Leaves hair soft and moisturized, without needing to apply a conditioning treatment. Through micronization of the ingredients, it performs a slight peeling on the scalp, promoting its delicate renewal.

在不使用任何化學劑下,溫和清潔頭皮頭髮,使頭髮柔軟保濕,令秀髮柔軟滋潤,無需再護髮。 通過成份的微粉化,為頭皮帶來輕微磨沙效果,更新頭皮狀態。

How to use the product
Mix 3-6 teaspoons of herbs & clay peeling cleanser (depending on the length and amount of hair) with the amount of hot water needed to obtain a cream. Add 10 drops of the specific blend. Apply to wet hair, massage for approximately 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

將 3-6 茶匙(取決於頭髮量)逐漸加入適量的水,調成泥膜狀,將其混合至均勻。加入 10 滴特選的精油,混合至均勻。塗抹於濕髮上,按摩約5分鐘,然後徹底沖洗

Active ingredients
Biodynamic savory - Rich in tannins, it has a strengthening action on the hair bulb. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps to prevent and counteract the damage caused by free radicals.
Organic horsetail - Re-mineralising and strengthening, it increases scalp and hair elasticity. Stimulates and tones the scalp to counteract hair loss. Re-mineralises the hair’s structure.
Fair-trade Amazonian pink clay - Rich in minerals and microminerals (copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese), it helps the scalp maintain its equilibrium. Gently removes residues and regulates sebum production.
Soapnut - Fruit of a tree that lives in tropical climates, soap nuts contain saponin, a very powerful, disinfectant and antibacterial natural cleansing substance. Gives natural shine to hair.

生物動力香薄荷 — 富含單寧,對毛囊有強化作用。香薄荷是一種強大的抗氧化劑,有助於預防及消除自由基所造成的損害。
有機馬尾草 — 有再礦化和強化效果,能增加頭皮和頭髮彈性。激活和調節頭皮,以抵制脫髮,同時再生和再礦化頭髮的結構。
人道採購亞馬遜紅泥 — 富含礦物質和微量礦物質(銅、硒、鎂、鋅和錳),促進頭皮的營養並維持頭皮於平衡狀態,輕輕去除殘留污染物並調節皮脂生長。
無患子 — 種植在熱帶地區之樹的果實,無患子含有皂素,為一種非常強大、消毒和抗菌的天然清潔物質,賦予頭髮自然柔軟感和光澤。

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Product made of 100% natural ingredients.


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