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dandruff remedy (dry scalps)
dandruff remedy (dry scalps)

dandruff remedy (dry scalps)

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Moisturizing and purifying treatment for dry dandruff scalp.

It facilitates the elimination of dry dandruff, reducing irritation. It promotes scalp sanitization. It stimulates skin regeneration. It lightly moisturizes the skin.

How to use the product
After cleansing apply the product directly to the scalp. Leave in for a few minutes. Dry. Shake before use.

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Rosemary - Has antimicrobial and refreshing properties. It is ideal for treating irritated scalps.
Organic Willow- It contains a phytocomplex that is particularly rich in flavonoids and salicylic glucosides (precursors of the salicylic acid, which contain sugar molecules). The willow extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and toning properties on the scalp.
Biolin - Biolin is a natural sugar prebiotic which counters attacks from pathogenic bacteria and fungi, which cause irritation and dandruff, without eliminating, or rather stimulating and strengthening the “good” bacteria, which are essential for healthy skin.
Almeth - A functional compound made of Allantoin and Methionine, ALMETH combines the moisturizing and anti-irritant action of Allantoin with the effective anti-dandruff and anti-sebum power of an ingredient derived from Methionine, a sulphur-based amino acid. It stimulates the epithelisation of damaged skin tissues, promoting the formation of healthy skin. It reduces skin irritation and desquamation, lightly moisturizing the skin, which contributes to its regeneration.

Does not contain

NICKEL TESTED - OW performs a specific test on every production lot of this product that makes it possible to monitor production progress and any traces of nickel that may induce allergy.

50 ml


An Important Note: Ingredients may change. For the most current ingredient list, please check your packaging. Any slight variation in the aspect of the product is due to the natural raw materials in the formula and does not affect the quality.

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