Circolo // 頭皮按摩環保木梳

Circolo // 頭皮按摩環保木梳

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100% eco-friendly brush espicically designed for scalp massage.

It's made by Italian Craftsmen following high quality standards.

Handle and teeth made of ash FSC-certified wood (sustainably managed forests) and the belt is in natural cotton, the teeth base is made of natural (not plastic) and hypoallergenic rubber.

It has be designed to easily and effectively massage the scalp prior to OW HAIR LOSS treatment.


它是由意大利工匠按照高質量標準製造的。 手柄和牙齒由經過FSC認證的白蠟木(可持續經營的森林)製成,皮帶採用天然棉製成,齒根由天然(非塑料)和防過敏橡膠製成。

它是特別為了 OW HAIR LOSS 治療時能輕鬆有效地按摩頭皮而設計的。

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