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Owave 1A

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Waving and elasticising fluid for resistant hair.

Long-lasting waving treatment for resistant hair;
Allows changing shape to hair in complete safety;
Customizable waves depending on the technique used;
Creates flexible, defined and elastic curls;
Non-aggressive formula based on Cysteamine, an amino acid derivative similar to Keratin;
Enriched with botanical active ingredients that protect and elasticize hair fibre during treatment.

How to use the product
Step by Step of Owave 1A application for resistant and natural hair.

1) Diagnosis: Before proceeding to the OWAVE treatment, check customer’s hair and scalp conditions.

2) Cleansing: Cleanse hair lengths with HTECH SHAMPOO without working too much on the scalp.

3) Rolling: Choose tools and technique suitable for the result you want to achieve; Spray HRESTORE on all the hair and Wrap hair without pulling locks too much, ensuring that the hair is always moistened with water.

4) Application: Apply OWAVE 1A/1B carefully to each roller, starting from the back. For application time see below. Checking every 5 minutes.

5) Rinsing: When the OWAVE 1A / 1B application time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, for at least 5 minutes.

6) Application of Owave 2 neutralising and fortifying fluid: Towel dry thoroughly and apply OWAVE 2 NEUTRALISING AND FORTIFYING FLUID, leaving it in for 7/8 minutes without unrolling the rollers. • Unroll the rollers without pulling the hair and reapply OWAVE 2, leaving it in for another 3 minutes.

7) Rinsing: Rinse thoroughly with water only. If necessary,apply a small amount of HMILK NO STRESS, leaving it in for a few minutes, then rinse.

8) Conditioning: Spray HRESTORE on all the hair, apply Curly Potion and then dry.


Application time:

Beach Waves > application time: 10 - 15 minutes | Large-diameter hair rollers | Estimated duration of treatment: 4-6 weeks

Support and volume > application time: 10 - 15 minutes | Medium-diameter hair rollers | Estimated duration of treatment: 8-10 weeks

Curls full of body and energy > application time: up to 20 minutes | Small-diameter hair rollers | Estimated duration of treatment: more than 12 weeks

*We reccomend waiting 48 hours after treatment before washing hair.

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Helichrysum Hydrolat: Helichrysum is a natural, emollient and protective active ingredient that helps hair stay hydrated and retain nutrition during the waving treatment.

Ethical Chia and Flax Extracts: An active ingredient with the powerful combination of Polysaccharides obtained from Flax and Chia. • Thanks to its bio-adhesive properties, this complex adheres to hair fibre, wrapping hair in a film that yields long-lasting elastic curls.

Organic Blackthorn Extract: Blackthorn optimally regenerates and strengthens skin and hair. • It yields elasticity and moisture. • It adds strength and elasticity to hair during the OWAVE waving treatment.

Cysteamine: Without Thioglycolic Acid and Free Ammonia, OWAVE has a non-aggressive formula based on Cysteamine. • An aminoacid derivative related to Keratin naturally present in hair, Cysteamine is a reducing agent that respects hair health. It changes your hair shape by acting on sulphur bridges and modifying hair fibre.

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