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Nourishing colouring cream ammonia free.

Nourishing ammonia-free permanent coloring treatment

Professional salon product only

Respects the hair fibre and the hair’s physiological pH, maintaining its structure. The absence of ammonia eliminates any irritant fumes for the wellbeing of the salon professional and client. The fragrance is pleasant and makes the colour service perceptively more pleasant for the client. Extremely reduced likelihood of respiratory and skin irritation, even in the most sensitive of individuals. Perfect coverage of grey hair.

How to use the product
Mix Hcolor with Hcatalyst diluted to a 1:1.5 ratio. You can dilute to a 1:1 ratio in the event of particularly refractory grey hair.

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Hibiscus - Strengthens hair’s structure from within. It increases the hair’s shine and leaves it soft and silky.
Organic Perilla oil - It is commonly used in phytotherapy and is soothing and calming. It performs an anti-ageing action.
Cotton Protein - They have a substance giving action, conferring body and structure to the hair. They prevent drying out and perform repair and restoring actions on the hair fibre. Softening and nourishing.
Ethical Date - Nourishing and elasticizing oil that improves the hair fibre structure over time. It prepares the hair for technical services.

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100 ml