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OW Men Set 2

OW Men Set 2

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Valid from 16 - 30 Jun 2022

OW Men Set 2 (Free delivery)
Softening Shave Cream 100ml x 1
Repairing Aftershave Balm 50ml x 1
Hair & Body Invigorating Wash 240ml x 1
Linea Razor x 1

潤滑剃鬚乳 - 具有防護和保濕作用的奶油狀剃鬍慕斯,保護皮膚,使刀片輕鬆滑動,減低割傷的風險,確保剃鬍過程是輕鬆和舒適的,運用生物發酵技術,增強皮膚免疫防禦能力。

鬚後鎮靜修護液 - 質地輕盈,但深度修復皮膚因剃鬚引起的微損傷後再生, 例如小刻痕和划痕,舒緩皮膚,立即緩解和清新,控制多餘油脂,賦予肌膚光澤,生物鍛煉重建,強化和緊緻皮膚。

2 in 1 清爽洗髮沐浴露 - 2合1洗髮水,適合頭髮和身體,非常適合日常使用和運動後使用 輕輕去除雜質和多餘的皮脂,為肌膚和頭髮纖維提供保濕,彈性和年輕,帶來一股力量和能量 令頭髮潔淨,柔軟,飽滿。

雙刃安全剃鬚刀 (金色) - 貴金屬100%雙刃安全剃鬚刀。優雅極簡主義。 它可以完美剃鬚,保護你的皮膚免受割傷。 憑藉其雙刀片技術,在皮膚上完美流動。符合人體工程學的手柄和平衡重量設計,確保日常剃鬚過程中獲得最大的流動性和精確度。

Softening Shave Cream - Rich, protective and moisturising creamy shaving mousse. Prepares skin to enable the blade to glide effortlessly without the risk of cuts. Guarantess a relaxing and comforting shaving ritual. Rich in soothing and emollient plant-derived agents. Strengthens the skin immune defences thanks to its bioferments.

Repairing Aftershave Balm - Light yet deeply restorative texture. Regenates the skin following micro-damage caused by shaving, like small nicks and scratches. Soothes the skin, providing immediate relief and freshness. Controls excess oiliness, giving skin a matte appearance Evens out and smoothes the skin. The bioferments rebuild, fortify and compact the skin.

Hair & Body Invigorating Wash - 2 in 1 cleanser for hair and body. Ideal for daily use and post-sport. Gently removes impurities and excess sebum Provides hydration, elasticity and youthfulness to the skin and hair fibre Gives a burst of strength and energy. Leaves hair clean, soft and full of body.

Linea Razor - Precious metal 100% double-edge safety razor. Elegant and minimalist. It allows a perfect shave, protecting your skin from cuts. With its double-blade technology, it flows perfectly on the skin. Ergonomic handle and balanced weight were designed to ensure maximum fluidity and precision during daily shaving routine.