Relaxing Blend // 舒緩平衡混和液
Relaxing Blend // 舒緩平衡混和液

Relaxing Blend // 舒緩平衡混和液

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Rebalancing and detoxifying blend // 舒緩平衡與排毒的混和液

Promotes the natural detox of hair and scalp, which are purified from impurities and toxins. Relaxes and calms sensitive scalps. It provides shine and vitality. // 促進頭髮和頭皮的自然排毒,提供活力,提亮髮色。有效放鬆和鎮靜敏感頭皮。

How to use the product
Add 10 drops to the mix composed of herbs & clay peeling cleanser and warm water. Proceed with cleansing. // 將10滴加入Herb & Clay Peeling Cleanser與溫水組成的混合泥膜中,塗抹於濕髮上,按摩約5分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。

Active ingredients
Essential oils of biodynamic Fennel, Sage, Lavender, and Cedar.


Does not contain
Product made of 100% natural ingredients.

7 ml