Densifying Remedy // 濃密激活急救精華
Densifying Remedy // 濃密激活急救精華

Densifying Remedy // 濃密激活急救精華

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Reinforcing and densifying treatment for scalp and hair prone to falling out. // 是針對頭髮容易脫落的強化和增密頭髮量的治療。

It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb. It stimulates the dermal papillae to induce the growth of new hair; it favors the oxygenation of the scalp. // 增強髮幹及毛囊的內聚力和穩定性,刺激真皮層的乳毛囊以促進新頭髮生長。

How to use the product
After cleansing, apply the product to the scalp. Leave in for a few minutes massaging. Dry. Shake before use. // 清潔後,根據個人的診斷,每天使用,或隔日1次。用前先搖晃。

Active ingredients
Biodynamic Mint - Mint has a refreshing and revitalizing effect on micro-circulation, providing instant relief and comfort for the skin.
Organic Horse Chestnut - It improves the micro-circulation of blood vessels and encouraging the hair bulb to revitalize and strengthen.
Buddleja davidii (vegetable stem cells) - Help hair follicle cells reproduce improving their capacity for self-renewal.
Dynagen - An active ingredient derived from Yeast, Dynagen adds strength and nourishment to the hair. This action takes place in the anagen phase, the active moment of hair growth, in which the growing hair fiber penetrates the inner root. Through the dynamization of proteins, Dynagen stimulates the formation of new levels of keratin and collagen in the hair.
Densiplant - A complex derived from legumes, DENSIPLANT stimulates the dermal papillae for the production of new hair, acting on the molecules responsible for its birth. Rich in phospholipids and phytosterols, it increases the synthesis of the VEGFs (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors). By directly acting on the dermal papillae, these factors contribute to the formation of a vascularization network near the follicle, facilitating the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp.
Ethical Teak - It strengthens hair structure. Antibacterial properties.
Ethical Mahogany - Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energizing for the hair.


Does not contain
NICKEL TESTED - OW performs a specific test on every production lot of this product that makes it possible to monitor production progress and any traces of nickel that may induce allergy.

10 x 5ml - 100 ml